January DRC Meeting

The next Design Review Modification Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 8:30 AM. The meeting will be held at the La Paloma Country Club, Catalina Room. Homeowners are welcome to attend.

January Board of Directors Meeting

The next La Paloma Board of Directors meeting will be held Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 10:00 AM. The meeting will be held at the La Paloma Country Club. Homeowners are welcome to attend.

New Four-Way Stop on Via Palomita

New stop signs have been installed on Via Palomita at the intersections of Las Palomitas and Ridge 4. This new four-way stop will increase safety for residents and visitors as they enter and exit the sub-associations.

Recent Criminal Activity Within La Paloma

Early morning on Saturday, February 23, 2019, there was a burglary within Paloma Vista (La Paloma community north of Sunrise Drive) where someone broke into an occupied home and threatened the homeowner before taking off with some valuables. A couple of weeks earlier, there had been a burglary within Ridge 4 (also north of Sunrise) where someone broke into a home while the residents were sleeping. It is unknown whether these two burglaries are related. It seems likely that those responsible had entered the community over the wall from Skyline Drive or had come across the golf course as some articles stolen were found along the golf course.

The La Paloma Property Owners Association (LPPOA) Board of Directors is working with its new management company, HBS Management Solutions (HBS), in a proactive manner to do what it can to help deter criminal activity within La Paloma. To this end, the Board has directed HBS to enhance its night security patrols throughout the La Paloma communities. While it is likely that those involved in the burglaries entered La Paloma on foot rather than by vehicle, the Board is working with HBS as it considers changes to the gatehouse operation to help make La Paloma vehicle entry points as secure as they can be.

Existing LPPOA access policy rules will be fully enforced. All guests wishing to gain access to La Paloma will require authorization before access is granted. Gate operations, managed by HBS, will follow the LPPOA policy to its fullest extent by checking vehicles on each entry to La Paloma. As no open access to La Paloma is allowed per policy, homeowners hosting a party must be sure to authorize access for each guest via the Capsure online authorization system or provide a list of names to the gatehouse to ensure guests will be allowed entry on the day of an event.

These burglary instances are disturbing and serve as an unfortunate reminder to be vigilant in safeguarding your home and valuables. La Paloma is working with the Sheriff’s Department, but every resident must be on alert. Always lock your house and vehicle doors and keep the outside of your house lighted – consider installation of motion sensor lighting outside your home.

Please report any suspicious activity to the Pima County Sheriff's Department (emergency number 911) and your community manager. Also, if you notice some odd behavior during the day, please notify your gatehouse so that attendants can be on the lookout as well. Remember: call 911 for emergencies!

LPPOA Board of Directors

& HBS Management Solutions

Message to La Paloma Residents

There have been some questions about the new company [HBS] which will be managing our gates. January 1 you will see some new shirts on the gate staff with the HBS emblem along with a name tag identifying them as La Paloma gate staff. We made the change to HBS after a great deal of research into the cost of our management of the gates verses hiring this function out. Our research suggested that we could save in the neighborhood of 0,000 a year by making this change. HBS has given us a fixed contract for two years so we know exactly what our gate costs will be. They will provide insurance for the gate staff and be able to offer even more hours to some of the staff than we could since they manage several other properties. It is true that the staff does lose seniority, and they do have to start over to build vacation time. Your Board is paying everyone for accumulated vacation time up to the end of 2018. They do not lose any already earned vacation time or pay. It is important to remember that the staff will be working for a new company. They basically have a new beginning. HBS has their own supervisors and will be bringing on board a person to serve in that capacity at La Paloma. That person is well trained in the way HBS operates and the different requirements they have for their staff. Your board is excited about this change. So much so that we elected to have HBS replace the Cadden company in managing the work of the LPPOA Master Board as well. We know that change will result in some changes for all of us but we are confident that the end result will be a safer more secure managed neighborhood for all of us.

La Paloma Property Owners Association Board of Directors

Gate Management Operations

As the minimum wage and the cost of health insurance increased for gate attendants in 2018, the LPPOA Board realized a need to take steps to control its costs and the impact on the sub-associations. Beginning in January 2019, LPPOA will have the gate operations managed by HBS Management Solutions. By outsourcing the gate operation, LPPOA moves away from being a direct employer, allowing La Paloma to continue providing personal service while minimizing future assessment increases by realizing reductions in insurance and personnel related expenses. The current LPPOA gate attendants are being given the opportunity to join HBS as employees and continue fulfilling the gate attendant role. This transition is occurring throughout December, with HBS taking over on January 1st. LPPOA provided the following letter to the gate attendants to answer some of the concerns.

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La Paloma Tree Pruning

Tree pruning in the La Paloma common areas will begin July 16th at the Main Gate, and then subsequently at the West Gate, the La Paloma Estates Gate, the Villages of La Paloma Gate, and finally the Las Palomitas/Campo Abierto loop.

La Paloma Landscape Lighting Renovation

Recently, the LPPOA Design Review Committee (DRC) completed its review of the community landscape lighting, obtaining an RFP from a landscape lighting company. After reviewing three bids and vetting each company and product, a decision was made to contract with LiteSync to complete the landscape lighting renovation in La Paloma.

The renovation will begin the third week of February commencing at the Estates Gate. From there, the contractor will move to the Main Gate, West Gate, The Villages and finally all monument entrances to each sub-division. Each of the sub-division monuments, like the LPPOA common area, will be upgraded with low voltage brass and copper fixtures with LED lightbulbs. The fixtures carry a lifetime warranty. Each sub-division upgrade will ensure continuity and consistency throughout La Paloma.

The DRC is pleased to initiate this project and believes it will significantly improve our nightscape, reduce repair costs and reduce electricity costs.

Please be patient and cautious as you enter or exit the gates and your own sub-division as workmen will be busy in the various areas.

Main Gate Road Repairs

Starting Thursday, August 3rd and through August 4th, the Main Gate access road will be closed from 6 AM to 5 PM on both days. The old asphalt will be removed and new asphalt installed. Please enter and exit via the West Gate during those hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.

No Walking on Golf Course

The La Paloma golf course which borders many of the La Paloma HOAs is experiencing an increasing number of unauthorized people, including individuals with pets. Please refrain from using any part of the course or surrounding desert areas for walking or any other activities.

Please advise your guests and renters that such usage is not allowed. Trespassers may be prosecuted due to liability, damage to the course, and other concerns. We want to be a good neighbor to the golf course so that we might expect the same in return.

CFSD vs LPPOA Lawsuit Summary

The CFSD vs LPPOA Lawsuit Summary can be found in the CC&Rs under Master Community Documents after login.

Speed Study

The Speed Study of Cadena de Montanas, dated November 4, 2016, and the Speed Study and Stop Sign Compliance of Cadena de Montanas, dated December 22, 2016, are available in the CC&Rs section. The documents are located alphabetically by title.

Please Obey the Speed Limits!

A reminder to all to please obey the speed limits. It is important to the safety of all residents that vehicles keep within the speed limits. Accidents and close calls have occurred within La Paloma and can be prevented if people slow down. The Board is also working with delivery services (FedEx, UPS) to remind their drivers to obey all speed limits and driving regulations.

Porch Pirates

During this holiday season, many of us are receiving packages. We are all aware that packages are sometimes taken by thieves, often dressed as commercial vendors ("porch pirates"). Recently, in La Paloma, a package left near a garage was almost stolen. Luckily, the resident was close by and stopped the thief. If you don't expect to be home, try to have a neighbor retrieve the package. Be aware it can happen here!

Entrance Roads to be Seal Coated

In order to maintain the roads in La Paloma for smooth and safe travel, the entrance roads will be seal coated between September 19th and September 30th. The entrances to the neighborhoods will have traffic control signage and barricades to direct drivers on which way to proceed. The schedule for the seal coating is:

9/19--9/21 - E Via Palomita (south towards the Westin entrance). Please obey flaggers and traffic control signage.

9/22--9/24- Campo Abierto going south off of Sunrise Drive. Please obey traffic control signage.

9/28--9/29 - E Campo Abierto and E Via Palomita (loop road north side). Sunrise Dr. entrance to Sunrise Dr. exit is closed with one way traffic for the entire neighborhood on the other lane. The walking path on this side will be closed as well.

9/30--10/1 – E Campo Abierto and E Via Palomita (loop road south side). Sunrise Dr. entrance to Sunrise Dr. exit is closed with one way traffic for the entire neighborhood on the other lane. The walking path on this side will be closed as well. Striping of the road will be done the morning of 10/2.

Road Seal Coat Map - 2016

CFSD vs La Paloma Association Lawsuit

The La Paloma Property Owners Association has received notice that the Arizona State Supreme Court will not review the request for review of the Decision of the Court of Appeals in the case of the Catalina Foothills School District vs. the La Paloma Property Owners Association. The case is therefore over and legal counsel is taking steps to finalize the necessary requirements and collecting the money due to LPPOA from the School District.

See attached the Supreme Court decision.

AZ Supreme Court Decision_CFSD vs La Paloma Association

Tree Trimming Along Sunrise Drive

Tree trimming will start July 5, 2016. Trees will be trimmed along Sunrise Drive from Pontatoc Road to Campbell Avenue.

Status of CFSD Lawsuit

Status of CFSD Lawsuit

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2014/2015 La Paloma Directory is available at each gate

The 2014/2015 La Paloma Directory is available at each gate. Get yours today!

A note from a concerned resident re: CFSD Budget overides

A note from a concerned resident re: CFSD upcoming budget overide Propositions 406 and 407

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Contact: Will Pew

Road Sealing Schedule Update

1. Road sealing: (the schedule is adjusted due to high winds)

a) Via Palomita to the La Paloma Estates gate Wednesday, April 17th. One traffic lane only

b) Campo Abierto to the Villages of La Paloma Wednesday, April 17th. One traffic lane only

2. Campo Abierto (West Gate) to Via Palomita (Main Gate) Thursday, April 18th and Friday, April 19th:




Please pick up after your pets!

Please pick up after your pets! If you like walking your dog(s) through the community, be sure to have a bag handy to clean up after them! Please take said used waste baggy with you to the nearest waste receptacle and depose of accordingly. Do not leave used baggy in bushes or on the side of the road. This serves as a courtesy not only to the community, but your neighbors as well!

Thank you in advance!!

New exit barrier gates at Main and West Gate

New exit barrier gates at Main and West Gate. Installation will begin March 17 and be operational by March 23rd.

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Contact: Pierre Renault

Town Hall Meeting - CFSD Bus Depot - 11/30 630pm Junior League Building on River E of Campbell

The Catalina Foothills Association has decided to host a community forum, or "town hall meeting" to discuss the CFSD proposed bus depot

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Contact: Wil Pew

Help rid our neighborhoods of buffelgrass and fountain grass on November 20th

The Coronado Foothills Estates board are planning an event on November 20th to remove the grasses along Skyline which border both our subdivisions. The infestation is scattering seeds in both our neighborhoods, and left alone to spread will eventually kill our native vegetation, threaten wildlife, and provide fuel for fires.

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Contact: Marge Humphreys 299-7895

Court of Appeals, State of AZ Division 2 Upholds La Paloma win over CFSD

In a ruling made public on September 15, 2010, the Court of Appeals, State of AZ, Division 2 held for the La Paloma Property Owners Association.

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Contact: Scott Kimbriel

Starting Tuesday. 8/17/10 Campo Abierto (west gate) roadway will be under construction...

Starting Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Campo Abierto (west gate) roadway will be under construction as communication cables are being installed. Traffic control will be provided, but you should anticipate delays. All residents are encouraged to use the main gate. Commercial vehicles still need to access La Paloma via the west gate.

Proceed carefully and please be patient.

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**NEWS FLASH ** La Paloma Wins CFSD Declaratory Relief Case

After 3+ years and a 1 1/2 day trial, Judge Carmine Cornelio ruled from the bench today (very rare) over Catalina Foothills School District in favor of the La Paloma Property Owners Association in the Declaratory relief action filed by LPPOA in 2007.

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AZ Court of Appeals Rejects LPHOA Appeal Request

The AZ Court of Appeals has just given notice that it has refused to rule on the LPPOA Special Action Petition...

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AZ Court of Appeals Notice
Contact: Scott Kimbriel

Welcome to the third edition of the District 1 newsletter from Ann Day

Welcome to the third edition of the District 1 newsletter from Ann Day...

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Click here to read the newsletter
Contact: Ann Day

La Paloma Master Board responds to CFSD

La Paloma Master Board responds to CFSD "Dear La Paloma Neighbor" Letter of April 22, 2008.

Click here to read the letter...
Contact: Scott Kimbriel

CFSD posts 3,320 Cash Bond for Campo Abierto, still can't afford school supplies for our classrooms...

Amazingly, our very own Catalina Foothills School District has posted a cash bond in the amount of 3,320.00 (Four hundred fifty three thousand, three hundred twenty dollars).

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Click here to see a copy of the Notice of Bond Posting and a copy of the check...
Contact: Scott Kimbriel

Another angry taxpayer letter

One more outraged District 16 taxpayer.....

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Click here to read another outraged District 16 taxpayer letter...
Contact: Scott Kimbriel

One Taxpayer and District 16 Resident Responds to CFSD

Angry residents respond to the April 22, 2008 letter from CFSD School Board President and CFSD School Superintendent...

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Click here to read the Letter to the School Board
Contact: Scott Kimbriel

CFSD Sends Dear La Paloma Neighbor letter....again

CFSD in it's infinite wisdom has once again sent the residents a letter regarding the status of their attempt to gain access to Campo Abierto from Block 24....

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Click here to read the letter From CFSD School Board President and CFSD Superintendent
Contact: Scott Kimbriel

CFSD Files for 'Fee Simple' Condemnation of Campo Abierto

Catalina Foothills School District has amended their original Condemnation case to take Campo Abierto in "Fee Simple," and also hired an additional attorney from Phoenix, Robert V. Kerrick of the firm Tiffany & Bosco.

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Re-filed Condemnation Case
Contact: D. Scott Kimbriel

LPPOA Motion to dismiss CFSD Condemnation Case Prevails!!

Arizona Superior Court, Pima County, has dismissed the condemnation suit against LPPOA brought by Catalina Foothills School District.

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Court Ruling
Contact: Scott Kimbriel

CFSD offers ,000 for Campo Abierto Access...

CFSD offers ,000 for Campo Abierto Access, LPPOA response: REJECTED.

See page 1&2 for the CFSD letter and page 3&4 for the LPPOA response Letter.

Click here to see copies of the letters

District 1 Newsletter

1st Issue of the District 1 Update newsletter from our District Supervisor Ann Day.

Click here for a copy of the District 1 Newsletter
Contact: Supervisor Ann Day

Court Case Update #2 July 2, 2007

On June 26, 2007, Judge Hon. Charles V. Harrington rules on defendant CFSD's Motion for Summary Judgment.

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Contact: skimbriel@opus1.com

LPPOA Governing Board Re-affirms Commercial Vehicle Policy

Today, The LPPOA Governing Board re-affirmed the policy regarding commercial vehicles ingress and egress within the North side of La Paloma.

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Motion for Summary Judgment Hearing 5-7-07 Update

Today, May 7, 2007 at 1045-1130 am Judge Charles Harrington heard arguments from CFSD and LPHOA attorneys regarding CFSD's motion for Summary Judgment

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Contact: Scott Kimbriel

Court Case Update

The Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the Catalina Foothills School District will be argued next Monday, May 7, at 10:30 in the Pima County Court House before the Hon. Charles Herrington. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

We do not expect a decision from the Judge right away. It will likely be 4-6 weeks before a decision is made. Stay tuned to http://www.lphoa.net for updates.

La Paloma Resident Refutes Desert Leaf Article Claims

Check out the District 16 Report Card in Vol 21, No4, April 2007 issue entitled: "La Paloma Tries to Block One Route to New Early Childhood Learning Center". CFSD couldn't have written it better...assuming you like one sided stories.

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Concerned about what might happen to Campo Abierto?

If you are concerned about what might happen to Campo Abierto and the west gate of La Paloma as we know it today, please contact Supervisor Ann Day, District 1 to voice your concerns.

Supervisor Ann Day, District 1

Pima County Board of Supervisors

130 W. Congress, 11th floor

Tucson, Arizona 85701

(520) 740-2738

(520) 740-8489 fx

email: Ann.Day@pima.gov

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Contact: Supervisor Ann Day, District 1

Pima County & District Supervisor Push Campo Abierto Access Issue to CFSD & LPPOA

Despite the fact that CFSD has maintained all along that they have the backing of Pima County, District 1 Supervisor Ann Day and County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, both have now made it clear that the discussion is not within their jurisdiction nor do they wish to be involved in the issue of the CFSD Early Childhood Center ("ECC") and access to/from Campo Abierto, a private road owned by the La Paloma Property Owners Association ("LPPOA").

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Day, Kamerzell & Huckelberry Letters
Contact: Scott Kimbriel

1-29-07 Pima County opens review of Skyline/Sunrise Traffic Signal

See linked Pima County memo from Chuck Huckelberry to DOT Director Priscilla Cornelio regarding directing a review of a potential traffic signal at Skyline/Sunrise.

Huckelberry to DOT Memo
Contact: Scott Kimbriel

2-9-07 LPPOA Files Law Suit against CFSD

On January 31, 2007, the La Paloma Property Owners Association filed a legal complaint against the Catalina Foothills School District seeking, among other things, enforcement of a previously agreed to one foot no access easement on the East side of Block 24, the site for the new child care center.

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Sample Letters to Ann Day re: Vehicular Access off Campo Abierto to new child care facility

Here are the latest of what may be many sample letters to Ann Day on the subject on Vehicular Access to Block 24 (New child care facility) off Campo Abierto. Feel free to "borrow" any ideas or text for your own letter. It's easy to copy (highlight with your mouse or CTRL-A highlights all text), copy (CTRL-C) and paste (CTRL-V). PLEASE, send your letter and send it soon!! Time is of the essence.

Sample letter count: 7

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Contact: Scott Kimbriel

Sample Petition and Letter to Ann Day

Make your voice heard! If we let CFSD access the new child care center from Campo Abierto, the face of the west gate and surrounds will be forever changed. It is CRITICAL we get this stopped in its tracks.

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Contact: Scott Kimbriel

Block 24/CFSD Early Childhood Center 1/9/07 Update

On January 9, 2007, the LPHOA Governing Board met in Executive Session to discuss progress and issues regarding the CFSD Early Childhood Development Center. Details follow.

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Contact: Supervisor Ann Day, District 1

CFSD Early Childhood Center – Block 24 12/15/06 Update

CFSD Early Childhood Center – Block 24

Information and Perspective

Update 1 – December 15, 2006

In an effort to keep the various La Paloma neighborhood association members up to date with current events surrounding the development of the CFSD Early Childhood Center, the La Paloma Property Owners Association (LPPOA) Board of Directors will periodically publish updates on this subject. This is the first official communication.

For up-to-the minute information, please visit the LPPOA web site:


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Contact: Scott Kimbriel

CFUSD Plans Early Childhood Development Center

The Catalina Foothiils Unified School District has Plans for an Early Childhood Development Center to be located just to the west of Campo Abierto and the West Gate of La Paloma Estates. See details for a portion of the District 16 Report Card published in the December issue of the Desert Leaf...

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Contact: David Hatfield

Via Palomita Pedestrian Traffic

There have been numerous complaints about pedestrians using the road as a walkway. Please be advised that the walking paths are to be used while you are out walking or jogging. This is for your safety. We have reiterated this fact to the Westin La Paloma so that they will pass the information on to their patrons. The walking path was recently redone and in most people’s opinion, is very nice to use. If there is some reason why you feel you cannot use the walking path and must use the road, please contact Cadden Management and give us the reason. Possibly it is something that can be addressed and a solution can be achieved. Please remember the roadways are for automobiles only. Be careful out there!

Dove's Nest to Become a Paperless Newsletter

The Board of Directors for LPPOA has been discussing the possibility of making the Dove’s Nest available ONLINE, at a host website for everyone’s viewing.

For those of you without a computer, copies of the Dove’s Nest would be available at the four gate facilities for your retrieval. If we can go to ONLINE paperless, there would be no newsletters mailed to the homeowners. This would alleviate the cost of handling more than 857 Dove’s Nests with labels and postage and should reduce the budget, which in turn would save us all some money.

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