May 2011 CAP Report

We did it Again !

In Recognition for:

Another Zero Error Month

We do more than open the Gate !

May 2011

May; another tough month. My fatherís passing resulted in my absence from La Paloma for over a week. Marvin H. going into the hospital for major surgery, led to everyone again pitching in to cover shifts that were already under manned.

With short notice Mr. Tom Stevick (our new Assistant Supervisor) was thrust into the lead position. Without hesitation Tom assumed the lead position. Along with our great team of professional C.A.P.S., Tom ensured all shifts were covered. He and the entire team performed this difficult task professionally, efficiently and without error.

After my return this trend continued. Not only has each gate been operating with zero error, we continue to support each other and the community.

We have supported our team member Marvin H. and his wife, with phone calls of support, visits to the hospital, along with cards and gifts.

During the month of May we have also supported the Estate Community. As a show of support to one of our fallen leaders, Mr. Fred D, Mr. Eddie B. and Ms. Elizabeth A. attended the Memorial Service as representatives of our team.

I am very proud of our team of professionals. Not only have we again proven that we consistently provide quality service, we also show our value in going above and beyond. We support the community we service!

Thank You,

Randy Ross

C.A.P. Supervisor