April 2011 CAP Report

In Recognition for:

Another Zero Error Month

Simply the Best

May 2011

April has been the most difficult month since my assignment as Supervisor.

Losing four personnel and close to twenty shifts has shown what a great team we have here at La Paloma. Everyone has stepped up, by working extra shifts and ensuring that all gates were operated efficiently with zero error.

La Paloma has the best team of C.A.P.S in Arizona. We all communicate and work well together. We assist one another when problems arise. The overall attitude and atmosphere is pleasant and calm.

The Village Gate: What great team players! Throughout the difficult month of April, Susan, Dave, and Tom have consistently operated their assigned gates with zero errors.

The Estate Gate: Operations have been flawless. The seasoned veterans, Fred, Elizabeth, and John D., along with Myles and Marvin maintain the Estate Gate with precision and integrity.

The West Gate: The West Gate has gone through many personnel changes. Through it all, Eddie B. has helped to keep it all running smoothly. Jon S., who works many gates and shifts , has proven himself to be an M.V.P. Myles B ., an all around team player, is valuable to the West and Village Gates.

The Main Gate: The 3:00 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift is one of the most difficult, however, Don W. with his charming personality seemed to handle it well. Marvin, Jon S. and our newcomer; Ann, have all contributed to the smooth operation of this most difficult and highly visible gate.

The month of May should be even smoother. This month we welcome some new Team Members : Phil V., Brian D., Bob F., Kyle B., and Valerie S.

Each of these new recruits is personable, intelligent and willing to prove themselves worthy of joining our elite team. I am convinced that each one will be valuable assets to our team.

As Supervisor of this elite and highly professional team, I am proud of each of you and salute you for your WE CAN DO IT attitude. I appreciate the hard work and the extra shifts that everyone has taken on.

All the Residents, Board Members, and Management are hereby notified that our La Paloma C.A.P. Team is efficient, intelligent, and hard working, and we look good performing our assigned duties.

We are #1 in Arizona! Simply the Best !

Randy Ross

C.A.P. Supervisor