Help rid our neighborhoods of buffelgrass and fountain grass on November 20th

The board for Coronado Foothills Estates which is north of Skyline, west of Swan and east of Alvernon. Because of the buffelgrass and fountain grass problem in the foothills, a team of volunteers - the Foothills Weedwackers - from our subdivision have been eradicating these invasive grasses throughout our neighborhood.

We're planning an event on November 20th to remove the grasses along Skyline which border both our subdivisions. The infestation is scattering seeds in both our neighborhoods, and left alone to spread will eventually kill our native vegetation, threaten wildlife, and provide fuel for fires.

We are asking for volunteers to help dig up these plants. If residents can not, or do not want to dig, they can help bag the grasses. The county is providing orange vests and perhaps additional digging bars. They have agreed to haul away the bags.

Marge Humphreys

CFHA Board