Court of Appeals, State of AZ Division 2 Upholds La Paloma win over CFSD

In a ruling made public on September 15, 2010, the Court of Appeals, State of AZ, Division 2 held for the La Paloma Property Owners Association.

However, CFSD can (and probably will if history tells us anything) file a Petition for Review with the Supreme Court. Such Petitions are granted less than 5% of the time. The Supreme Court will grant review if

(1) the issue is of statewide importance, or

(2) there are conflicting opinions in Div One (Phoenix and north) and Div. Two (Tucson and the area south of the Gila).

Neither issue is presented by this case which is basically a contract dispute between CFSD and LPPOA. It would be very surprising if the Supreme Court granted review in this matter, but hey, we live in AZ, so stay tuned.

A PDF file of the ruling will be posted very shortly.