AZ Court of Appeals Rejects LPHOA Appeal Request

The AZ Court of Appeals has just given notice that it has refused to rule on the LPPOA Special Action Petition after having taken jurisdiction, and has now declined jurisdiction.

Judge William Brammer, who was a lawyer/partner at the DeConcini firm in 1994 at the time of the CFSD Condemnation/Acquisition of Block 25 - the site of the CFSD child care facility (he was appointed to the Court in 1997 according to his posted bio on the Court of Appeals web-site) joined in the decision to decline jurisdiction along with Judge Howard and Judge Pelander. Given the fact that the DeConcini law firm represents Catalina Fothills School District, at a minimum suggests Judge Brammer should have recused himself, but seems AZ politics as usual again. It' sure feels like it is time for some changes!

Given the serious Constitutional issues that were presented in the LPPOA Petition, the Court's decision to decline is quite breathtaking.

There are now two options open to LPPOA:

(1) a Petition for Review with the Supreme Court.

(2) a new Special Action Petition with the Supreme Court.

LPPOA and counsel are now considering our options.

And, speaking of changes, I recently met with Joe Higgins who is running against Ann Day in the upcoming election for Supervisor in our District.

Joe seems like a solid citizen to me and he is quite interested in protecting our interests with CFSD as well as the intersection of Hacienda Del Sol/Sunrise.

I think Joe would make a big difference in our District and I would encourage you to support him. You can check out his web site at: