CFSD posts $453,320 Cash Bond for Campo Abierto, still can't afford school supplies for our classrooms...

Amazingly, our very own Catalina Foothills School District has posted a cash bond in the amount of $453,320.00 (Four hundred fifty three thousand, three hundred twenty dollars) as the required bond amount for the condemnation of a small piece of Campo Abierto....yet they can't afford to pay for the small needed classroom items for our students so desperately need.

The ultimate insult is of course the sworn testimony by Dr. Kamerzell on January 4, 2007 before The Honorable Michael Miller in the condemnation case when asked:

Q: "The Learning Center is proceeding with construction as we speak?"

A: "It Is."

Q: "It will open when it's ready to open, notwithstanding whether you have access to Campo Abierto or not?"

A: "Correct."

Common sense would therefore suggest the "school" could and would open without the use of Campo Abierto, given the fact that there are two other ways to access the site and one to exit, and of course by Dr. Kamerzell's sworn testimony.

Common sense and responsible stewardship of the taxpayers money would suggest CFSD should wait until due process is complete and there is a final and irrevocable decision by the courts regarding the fate of Campo Abierto.

However, there is no common sense being displayed here by our elected School Board, nor the top employees of the Catalina Foothills School District (CFSD).

Common sense and responsible behavior can not be classified as that of CFSD actions. A simple look at the state of the economy, gas prices, and the constant badgering by CFSD to it's District 16 residents to give more of there hard earned money than just the 50% of property taxes they already get (yes, 50% - look at your property tax bill!!!) that is "not optional" further demonstrates how out of touch with reality these people are.

So what's next?

An appeal by the La Paloma Property Owners Association will be filed the week of May 5th.

In light of what certainly appears to be an absolutely blatant mis-representation of the facts by CFSD and the Governing Board, taxpayers just might want to consider a re-call vote of this Governing Board and a re-examination of the top ranks of CFSD.