CFSD Files for 'Fee Simple' Condemnation of Campo Abierto

Catalina Foothills School District has amended their original Condemnation case to take Campo Abierto in "Fee Simple," and also hired an additional attorney from Phoenix, Robert V. Kerrick of the firm Tiffany & Bosco.

While the authority for CFSD to condemn a public right-of-way remains as a yet-to-be-resolved issue, at a minimum, CFSD will have to make an offer to buy that portion of Campo Abierto.

It is the opinion of our Counsel and the Master Board that this avenue will be a quite expensive one for CFSD. It is an effort to convert our private entry statement into a public street.

One has to wonder why CFSD is willing to incur such an expense and repudiate its prior promise not to use Campo Abierto. They have safe and secure access off Skyline already and have requested same on Sunrise from Pima County.

When CFSD first acquired Block 24 for a school facility there was no traffic signalization in the area, yet CFSD felt the site functioned adequately.

One opinion, my own, is that there is much more going on here than is apparent. Block 24 is a 10 acre parcel in prime foothills real estate. The child care center takes up a small piece of the land. CFSD will undertake, yet unnamed developments with Block 24. One rumor is to move the District offices and busses to Block 24.

CFSD has probably spent at least $150,000 or more on legal fees and studies, with more yet to come. Not what I would call "good stewards of the taxpayers money".

The bond issue that was passed in the pre-2000 election year was sold to taxpayers as something that would not raise your taxes. In light of what is now happening, I simply don't see how that could be the case.

It's time for a change in the top management of CFSD, again, in my personal opinion.